AvesMC Holiday Update!

New Website!

We’re really excited to announce that our new website and forums are officially finished!

On our new Forums, you can find stuff to help you in-game Server Rules, Player Commands, Donor Rank Commands & Perks, Etc.

New Shop!

It took some time, but we finally have a working in-game shop again! Purchase things like Food, Armor & Tools, Boats, Elytra’s and more with in-game currency! With this we’ve added $50 in-game currency to voting, start saving up! We reset the economy, everyone's balance has been set to 0, however, we’ve added 100 to everyone’s balance to compensate for the reset.

New Logos!

Completely Redesigned Logo! Some of you have probably already noticed our new Discord and Server icon, but we saved the best of last. Let us know what you think!!

New Spawn!

Brand new spawn complete with Animal Spawners, Enchantment Tables, Anvils and more all to help you get a head start in AvesMC


Server Changelog:

New - Command /laghelp experiencing lag? Give this command a try. 

New - When voting there’s a chance to get one ”Lucky Vote” to receive different better items for that site. 

New - Holiday Logo

Fixed - Various false positives with the chat filter when saying certain words 

Tweak - Players now receive Diamonds, Steak, EXP Bottles, $50 Ingame Currency and their Claims adjusted by 50 for voting. Tweak - Reset Economy (everyone’s balances have been reset to $0)

Removed - Various plugins that served no purpose. 

Updated - Various plugins

Website Changelog: New - Forums

New - Announcements

New - Events - Players can now check our website to see if we're running any events

New - Snow

New - Optimized Website for mobile viewing

New - Player Command List on Forums

New - Donor Rank & Perk List on Forums

New - Social Icons on the side of the website

Updated - Logos for the upcoming Holidays

Discord Changelog:

New - Holiday Channel Emojis

New - Holiday Logo

New - Ticket System! Griefed/Player misbehaving? Want to report something or someone? Message @ModMail to get help from a staff member. 

New - @Supporter Role now has access to changing their nickname

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