Here at AvesMC, we strive for originality, and provide a top-notch, welcoming Minecraft experience to our amazing player base. Unlike similar competitors, we like to pride ourselves on being flexible for the community desires, while maintaining and having a diverse community! Going from our staff to our player base, we do not discriminate, or judge. With our diversity, does come with tolerance. We tolerate LGBT+ and SAGA people entirely, although we will not tolerate bigotry no matter who the bigot may be. We don’t discriminate or have restraints against religious groups or beliefs. We are highly accepting of everybody, as long as we all get along. AvesMC does not try to force any sort of beliefs into anybody, as long as they do the same.

On AvesMC’s Minecraft server, we have an established, diverse community. Having a survival world packed with different things to do! AvesMC also has a Discord server as well, here at http://bit.ly/AvesMC_Discordd. We welcome and highly courage you to join our Discord server to engage with the rest of the community, and get future updates about AvesMC! We provide PG-13 spaces for players, which are enforced and maintained while keeping our 18+ channels a little more hidden. We hope you enjoy your stay at AvesMC!